Mengyao Guo

Artist Statement

I am always lost in art, as I am able to express my own feelings and translate them onto the canvas. I believe that all artists can hope to accomplish is to transform the abstract untangible thoughts into the visible reality. After a long time of traditional basic training, I started to consider the question of why I still painted representational images, so I drew inspiration from the conutryside. I noticed some geomatrical shapes in nature from Chikan, Kaiping. Inspired by distinctive local watchtowers and also their small windows. That is why some of my earlier works painted the positive and negative shapes of GAFA’s buildings, windows, doors and bricks.

Like Paul Klee, I wanted to take this abstraction further and blur the boundaries of art, taking inspiration from mathematics and geometry, I now explore the intersection of lines and repeated motifs of triangles.

The triangle is a paradoxical shape. It represents the stability, and when it rotated it presents the angle which is not out of level, which includes the tension, conflicts and aggression. An erected acute triangle(the regular triangle and the acute triangle) have the quality of stability in math, which is totally conversed by this quality when it has to use its tiny supporting point to sustain the huge top as an inverted one. This is also reflects the ideology of self-contradiction in philosophy. Therefore, the triangle is the perfect representative of self-contradiction.



Solo Exhibition
• Sankaku, Jikka Gallery, Tokyo 2014
• The Lost Pills, Sabaki Space, Guangzhou 2012
• Triangleholic, Xinsongyuan Gallery, Guangzhou 2012
Selected Group Exhibition
• ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Rockbund, Shanghai 2014
• Make Dream as Horse, Memorial Hall of Lingnan School of Painting, Guangzhou, Dongguan 2014
• Open 2013, Peckham Space, London 2013
• Drifting City-Trio Exhibition of Oil Paintings, Kuiyuan Gallery, Guangzhou 2013
• Fresh Vision 2013-From University to Universe, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen 2013
• The Pulse of The Next Generation-New Serious by Young Artists, 21Space Art Museum, Dongguan 2013
• Museum of Unknown-Lending, Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou 2013
• The Graduate Exhibition of GAFA, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou 2013
• COART-Asian Youth Art Festival, Tu House, Lijiang 2013
• The 1st Academy Exhibition of Oil Paintings in Guangdong, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou 2012
• Video City, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou 2011
• Student Recommended-Academic Festival of GAFA, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou

• The 3rd Prize, Fenghuang Merit Scholarship, GAFA 2013 • The 2nd Prize, Yaping Merit Scholarship, GAFA 2013 • Graduation Outstanding Creative Prize, GAFA 2013 • Certificate of Honor, SmileAngel Foundation, Red Cross Society of China 2013 • The 3rd Prize, Dome-the 1ST Academy Exhibition of Oil Paintings in Guangdong, Department of Education of Guangdong Province 2012 • Second-class Scholarships ( Year 2011-2012, 2010-2011), GAFA 2012&2011 • Merit Student ( Year 2010-2011), GAFA 2011 • Excellent Student in Academic Learning ( Year 2009-2010). GAFA 2010 • Honorable Mention, 1st Wallpaper Design Competition, GAFA